Board & Volunteer Teams

Board of Trustees

  • Eric Berger, Chairman
  • Chris Flynn, Vice Chairman
  • Margaret Inglese, Treasurer
  • Jay Muldoon, Secretary
  • Diana Callinan
  • Anthony Campisi
  • Stuart Schooler
  • Michelle Schulz
  • Leon Schwartz
  • Grace Shackney
  • Bobbie Theivakumaran
  • Gary Tilbor
  • Dottie Winhold

Volunteer Teams

Main Street success comes from using a comprehensive and incremental approach. Five teams create this well-balanced program: Organization, Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion and Parking.


The Organization team involves building a Metuchen Downtown Alliance that is well-represented and funded by local residents, merchants, property owners, civic groups, bankers, public officials, and the chamber of commerce. A strong organization provides stability to build and maintain a long-term effort.

  • Organization Team Chair: Jan Margolis

Economic Vitality

The Economic Vitality team involves analyzing current market forces to develop long-term solutions. Recruiting new businesses, creatively converting unused space for new uses, and sharpening the competitiveness of Metuchen’s entrepreneurial merchants are examples of economic restructuring activities.

  • Economic Vitality Team Chairs: Dottie Winhold, Jay Muldoon


The Design team enhances the visual appearance, attractiveness and traffic management of the business district. Historic building rehabilitation, street and alley clean-ups, parking and traffic calming issues, colorful banners, landscaping, and lighting all improve the physical beauty of the Metuchen as a quality place in which to shop, work, walk, invest, and live.

  • Design Team Chair: Grace Shackney


The Promotion team involves marketing an enticing image to shoppers, investors, residents and visitors. Festivals and retail events are some of the ways the Metuchen Downtown Alliance encourages consumer traffic in the downtown.

  • Promotion Team Chair: Bobbie Theivakumaran


The Parking team focuses on Metuchen downtown employee and customer parking by working with Nexus and Metuchen Parking Authority.

  • Parking Team Chair: Peter Klein